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How to quit a team? How to release a Player?Printable

Occassionally a Player will switch Teams. Moving a Player from Team #A to Team #B is a two step process:

First -- Remove the Player from Team #A
Then -- Place the Player on Team #B

Remove the Player from Team #A

The Player must be removed from their current Team.

  • The Player can go to Services:Profile. On the Player tab of the Profile, select 'Unaffiliated' from the Team Name dropdown. Click 'Update'.
  • The Parent can go to Parent:Players and select the Player of interest. The "Active" Player is denoted with a checked symbol in the Actions column. Go to Parent:Player and click on the hyperlinked Key # in the first column. Then in the Player tab portion of the Profile, select 'Unaffiliated' from the Team Name dropdown. Click 'Update'.
  • The Parent can click on the delete in the Actions column (visible when the Parent goes clicks on Parent in the Table of Contents.)
  • A Coach or Manager of Team#A can go to TeamStaff:Registration-Edit Roster (NOT TeamStaff:MyTeam-View Roster ) and display their Roster. The Coach/Manager must have selected an Active Team that includes the Player of interest. (If you are associated with only one team, that one team is automatically your Active Tam - so not to worry.) Via the Registration-EditRoster mechanism the Coach/Manger can deselect the Player by clicking on delete .

Add the Player to Team #B

  • When the Player is no longer associated with Team#A, they are now 'visible' to any Coach or Manager (but only visible to TeamStaff affiliated with an appropriate age and gender teams). A Coach or Manager from Team #B needs to add the Player to their Roster. When that happens the Player is associated with Team#B and is again hidden from the other Coaches and Managers.

SiteMail Generation
When a Player is dropped from a Team by a TeamStaff, Registrar or Administrator, a SiteMail is sent to the PrimaryContact of the Team. This is to let the PrimaryContact (Coach or Manager) know that a Player has dropped the Team. SiteMail is not generated if the Player or Parent remove themselves from a Team.

Updated 4/26/2013