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Player Credentials and Birth certificatesPrintable

Occasionally, teams have falsified player credentials. Activities such as the following have been noted:

  • falsification of birth certificates, including the alteration of birthdates
  • substitution of uncredentialed players for missing credentialed players in games
  • substitution of player pictures
  • falsification of player addresses on USYSA player registrations
  • substitution of a coach's signature for player or parent
  • coaches preparing foreign document translations for their own players

Furthermore, all league and tournament games played prior to the discovery of the falsified documents are to be forfeited.

Coaches are advised to carefully monitor the accuracy of player registration documents.

All birth certificates submitted as proof of age must include a signed certification statement indicating that the document is a true copy of the filed document. For birth certificates issued in California, this statement normally appears at the bottom of the page. However, some statements are printed on the back of the original copy. Some birth certificates are copies of the proof copy issued at the hospital for verification and to make corrections; these are not true copies of the filed document.

Parents may have to obtain a certified copy of the filed birth certificate from the county recorder.

Also note that your birth certificate will be rejected if any part of it is cut off or missing characters or numbers, such as in a date field. These have been rejected even when the information that was cut off was not significant to interpreting the player’s birthdate.

Foreign Birth Certificates must have a Foreign Document Translation Form filled out and attached to the birth certificate. The Foreign Document Translation Form can NOT be completed by anyone directly associated with the team.

Birth Cetificates and CYSA

Starting in 2008, returning players will no longer be required to submit their birth certificate when registering. Players will be issued a CYSA-N ID# when their birth certificate has been examined and approved.

The name on the Player ID will be identical to the name on the birth certificate.

Of course, new players will have to supply a birth certificate.