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Redwood Registration LeaguePrintable

The Redwood League provides a means to register with United States Youth Soccer. California Youth Soccer Association - North is affiliated with USYS. CYSA-N has several districts. Redwood League is affiliated with District 2 of CYSA-N. Registration provides player passes, insurance coverage, and the infrastructure for district and state tournaments, coaching, ODP and referee programs.


Registration involves the collection of data for players and coaches and the transfer of that data to CYSA-N. .

Each player and adult must complete a CYSA Form. Form 1601 for the youth players and Form 1650 for the adult coaches and managers. These forms together with photos for the ID badges, proof of age and payment are submitted together as a package to the Club Registrar and in turn to the League Registrar. The League Registrar inputs the data into the CYSA-N Affinity database and then issues player passes.

For detailed guidelines regarding Fall Registration see Fall Registration Guidelines.

Registration at RedwoodSoccer

  1. Managers and Coaches must be registered Users of the website
  2. It is convenient if Parents are registered Users of the website. Parent info will then be placed into the 1601 forms. Managers can input data for their Parents using the 'Add a Parent' function. Managers should first check that the Parent is not already listed before adding a new User.
  3. Players must be registered Users of the website. Managers can input data for their players using the 'Add a Player' function.
  4. Managers enter data for their Team. Includes Team data and player roster. For new teams there is the 'Add a Team' function available to TeamStaff.
  5. Managers finalize their registration information and print out a transmittal form. registration

    The Registration transmittal form can also be printed from the list of teams you as Manager or Coach are associated with. Look for the symbol on the same line as your Team in the Action column.
  6. Print Player 1601 Forms. Click on the register symbol next to your Player's name. The forms will only be complete if all the necessary information regarding the Player and Parents has been entered into the system. Player and Parent information is entered by Managers or Coaches of the Teams.
  7. Managers and Coaches can complete Team Information via the Manage-Team function. You can include uniform colors, and designate other Users on the site (typically Parents) to be able to report scores and assist in Registration.
  8. Managers compile and submit a packet to their Club Registrar. Transmittals and 1601 forms can be submitted electronically. Pictures, Proof of Age documentation and signed 1601 forms can be uploaded to the database. See UploadPaperwork

The Redwood Website is a dynamic database. The data available reflects what was most recently input and updated. The quality of the data reflects the care taken to input data.

You do not need to complete all your data entry in one sitting. You can modify and change data at will.

Updated 5/8/2014