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Rainout number is 510-433-9993

Take I80 East and exit at Potrero. At the bottom of the exit, go straight across Potrero and curve up to San Pablo Ave. Cross San Pablo Avenue and go up Hill St, which runs by the BART station on the south. At the end of Hill, turn left onto Elm and follow it up the hill. It will merge with and become Cutting Blvd. (Cutting is one-way the wrong way until this point, so despite how it looks on MapQuest, you can't take it right off of San Pablo.) About half way up the hill, turn left at Wilson Way/Canyon Trail. It will run into the park. Very limited parking, so car pools highly encouraged.

Gatto Ave & Canyon Trail
El Cerrito, CA 94530
Fields at this Location
  1. Canyon Trail (Grass), RedwoodSoccer 616, RidgeStar 809
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