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The Field named Cubberley Football Field is at the Location named Cubberley Community Center

Cubberley Community Center Map

Palo Alto field closure hotline: 650-329-2697
All the Cubberley fields are at the back of the Cubberley Community Center.

Montrose Ave and Middlefield Road
Palo Alto, CA  94303
Fields at this Location
  1. Cubberley 1 (Grass), RedwoodSoccer 23, RidgeStar 238, GotSoccer 17876, 64545, Demosphere 22080157
    Cubberley #1 is next near Nelson Drive at Parkside Dr.
  2. Cubberley 2 (Grass), RedwoodSoccer 24, RidgeStar 239, GotSoccer 17877, 64546, Demosphere 22080158
    Cubberley #2 is at the south end of the grass field closest to the track.
  3. Cubberley Football Field (SyntheticTurf), RedwoodSoccer 25, RidgeStar 240, GotSoccer 17875, 24673, 60783, 64547, Demosphere 22061343
    Cubberley Football is the synthetic turf field in the center of the track with the bleachers.
  4. Cubberley North (Grass), RedwoodSoccer 26, RidgeStar 241, GotSoccer 28563, 64548, Demosphere 20611490
    Cubberley North is at the north end of the large grass field, near Nelson Drive at Adobe Ct.
  5. Cubberley West, RedwoodSoccer 409, RidgeStar 607
  6. Cubberley Football Field - North (SyntheticTurf), RedwoodSoccer 479, RidgeStar 673
  7. Cubberley Football Field - South (SyntheticTurf), RedwoodSoccer 480, RidgeStar 674
  8. Greendell (Grass), RedwoodSoccer 481, RidgeStar 675
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