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Peninsula Soccer Club Teams

RedwoodSoccer has the following Peninsula Soccer Club Teams registered as of Monday, April 27th, 2015 at 10:04am PDT:

KeyTeamGenderBornAfterClassPrimary ContactPhoneEmailAction
1ok2Peninsula 06B Lions White B7/31/2006 Manager1: Zhong Wang Schedule icalendar
2ok2Peninsula 06B Lions Blue B7/31/2006 Manager1: HeeSun Hong Skidmore Schedule icalendar
3ok2Peninsula 06B Lions RedB7/31/2006 Manager1: Phillip SnowballEmail Schedule icalendar
4ok2Peninsula Force Red B7/31/2005 Manager1: Melissa Wurster Schedule icalendar
5ok2Peninsula Force White B7/31/2005 Manager1: Maryam Norton Schedule icalendar
6ok2Peninsula Force Blue B7/31/2005Competitive Manager1: Tsunyen Weng Schedule icalendar
7ok2Peninsula 04B Impact BlueB7/31/2004 Manager1: Krista Castro Schedule icalendar
8ok2Peninsula 04B Impact WhiteB7/31/2004 Manager1: Colin Cleary Schedule icalendar
9ok2Peninsula 04B Impact RedB7/31/2004 Schedule icalendar
10ok2Peninsula Avalanche BlueB7/31/2003 Manager1: Kirk Matsuo Schedule icalendar
11ok2Peninsula Avalanche WhiteB7/31/2003Competitive Manager1: Mariella Gianoli Schedule icalendar
12ok2Peninsula Avalanche RedB7/31/2003Competitive Manager1: Leslie ManoukianCellular: (650) 619-7950Email Schedule icalendar
13ok2Peninsula Rampage BlueB7/31/2002Competitive Manager1: Chidambara Raj SakkaraiEmail Schedule icalendar
14ok2Peninsula Rampage WhiteB7/31/2002Competitive Manager1: Christina Webb Schedule icalendar
15ok2Peninsula Vortex WhiteB7/31/2001Competitive Manager1: Barton Bassett Schedule icalendar
16ok2Peninsula Vortex BlueB7/31/2001Competitive Manager1: Ravikanth Vaka Schedule icalendar
17ok2Peninsula United Blue B7/31/2000Competitive Manager1: Nancie StockwellCellular: (650) 773-5950 Schedule icalendar
18ok2Peninsula Galaxy WhiteB7/31/1999Competitive Manager1: Nancy Lanthier Schedule icalendar
19ok2Peninsula Galaxy BlueB7/31/1999Premier Manager1: Julie NestorEmail Schedule icalendar
20ok2Peninsula Titans BlueB7/31/1998Premier Coach1: Corey Edden Schedule icalendar
21ok2Peninsula BlitzB7/31/1997Premier Manager1: Janette R Iniguez Schedule icalendar
22ok2Peninsula United TitansB7/31/1995 Manager1: Tom SniderCellular: (408) 202-7976Email Schedule icalendar
23ok2Peninsula 06G United Leopards BlueG7/31/2006 Manager1: Dereck Caso Schedule icalendar
24ok2Peninsula Crush Blue G7/31/2005 Manager2: Ziad Zumot Schedule icalendar
25ok2Peninsula Crush WhiteG7/31/2005 Manager1: Jeff Ishikawa Schedule icalendar
26ok2Peninsula 04G Girls Infinity BlueG7/31/2004 Manager1: Catherine Auleb-Kiang Schedule icalendar
27ok2Peninsula 04G Infinity WhiteG7/31/2004 Manager1: Julie Pera Schedule icalendar
28ok2Peninsula Infinity RedG7/31/2004 Manager1: Nina Potsiadlo Schedule icalendar
29ok2Peninsula 04G Infinity BlackG7/31/2004 Manager1: Nina Potsiadlo Schedule icalendar
30Test Team UnitedG7/31/2004Competitive Manager1: Jeff Ishikawa Schedule icalendar
31ok2Peninsula Blizzard Blue 03GG7/31/2003 Manager1: Barbara Blundell Schedule icalendar
32ok2Peninsula Blizzard White 03GG7/31/2003Competitive Manager1: Nathan Don Schedule icalendar
33ok2Peninsula Blizzard Red 03GG7/31/2003Competitive Manager1: Jeff Ishikawa Schedule icalendar
34ok2Peninsula Velocity WhiteG7/31/2002Competitive Manager1: Sudhir Damle Schedule icalendar
35ok2Peninsula Odyssey WhiteG7/31/2001Competitive Manager1: Donna Rosove Schedule icalendar
36ok2Peninsula Odyssey BlackG7/31/2001Competitive Manager1: Shawna Guzman Schedule icalendar
37Peninsula Odyssey Blue State Cup TeamG7/31/2001Premier Manager1: Shawna Guzman Schedule icalendar
38ok2Peninsula Odyssey 01G Blue G7/31/2001Premier Manager1: Shawna Guzman Schedule icalendar
39ok2Peninsula Thunder BlueG7/31/2000Competitive Manager1: Eric Ravaglia Schedule icalendar
40ok2Peninsula Thunder WhiteG7/31/2000Competitive Manager1: Karen Delaney Schedule icalendar
41ok2Peninsula United Fusion BlueG7/31/1999 Manager1: Sherri Newmyer Schedule icalendar
42ok2Peninsula United Fusion WhiteG7/31/1999 Manager1: Sherri Newmyer Schedule icalendar
43Peninsula Blast 96 BlueG7/31/1996Premier Manager1: Laura Hendriksen Schedule icalendar
44ok2Peninsula Blast White G7/31/1995Competitive Manager1: Janice Wong Schedule icalendar