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Please select the desired, available Team Tryout postings by specifying the appropriate criteria via the pulldown box or search boxes at the top of each colunm and clicking "Show". Display individual Team Tryout detail information by clicking on the appropriate Key value in the first column. Display individual Team contact information by clicking on the team name hyperlink.

KeyRegistrationLeagueGenderClassNamePlayers born after
1 notes Redwood B Competitive Juventus Tremors July 31, 2003
2 notes Redwood G Premier Juventus La Fenice Black July 31, 1995
3 notes Redwood G Competitive Peninsula Thunder Blue July 31, 2000
4 notes Redwood G Competitive Juventus Magia July 31, 2001
5 notes Redwood G Premier Juventus Ragazze July 31, 2001
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