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How does this site work?Printable

Here are some tips on navigating through a RidgeStar site.


The website is ROLE based. What data you can see, what data you can enter, what functions you can perform are based on your ROLE.

Each Role has a 'Segment' associated with it. The segment is the part of the website designed for that Role. You access the different segments of the website through the buttons along the left of your screen.

It is not uncommon for an individual to have more than one role. For example you can be a PLAYER and a REFEREE. In each role you can interact with different portions of the website.

Some of the Roles on the website are:

  • Administrator - Takes care of the back end of the website (like write this FAQ).
  • Assignor - Also known as Referee Coordingator - Assigns referees to specific Matches. Also helps in recruting and training of referees and resolving complaints regarding specific matches.
  • Coach
  • ClubOfficer - An elected or appointed individual with responsibilities for one of the RWL member clubs.
  • LeagueOfficer - An elected or appointed individual with responsibilities for the PlayingLeague.
  • Manager - Responsible for a specific team.
  • Parent - Source of funds.
  • Player
  • Referee - Our heros.
  • Scheduler - Responsible for adding and changing match schedules.

Public and Private

Most of the website is considered 'Private'. You must log on to access the private segments of the website. Minimal information regarding the teams, the standings the schedule etc. are in the Public portion of the website. Grandma can visit the website to find out where your next game is, but not much more.

By default, no contact information is available on the Public section of the website, unless the individual selected to make that information available. Individuals also can select what contact information they make available in the private portion of the website. Individuals make these settings in their Profile.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) are designed to help you interact with the website. They are always evolving. Please check here first. Note the FAQ different in different Segments.

Stuff to Know Contains information regarding how the PlayingLeague and competitive soccer operates.

Terminology Computers by definition have to be precise. The English language is not precise. In an effort to meld the two, definitions for some of the terms used on the website can be found under Information:Terminology.

Search The Search function on the website will enable you to use Google to look for topics. Search works only on the Public Portion of the website.

For the hardcore, you can learn more about how the website works and its capabilities by visiting or

Two new systems at the Same Time!

In addition to rolling out this new website starting in the late spring of 2007, CYSA-N is ALSO rolling out a new registrations system during the spring of 2007. Everything has changed. The Club Registrars, the League Registrars, the League Officers are all doing their best to try to make this transition go smoothly. You can help by registering early and offering constructive comments.