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How to Upload Proof of Age and Signed 1601 Forms?Printable

"Proof of Age" and a "Signed 1601 CYSA Player Membership Form" can be uploaded to the RWL Database.

These forms are stored in files that are not searchable or accessible from outside the Redwood League Database. These forms can be only seen by individuals with "registrar" status.

How to Upload

  1. In the table of contents go to Paperwork. Or Click on the ttb icon next to a Players name.

    Parent:Paperwork, Player:Paperwork, Registrar:Paperwork or TeamStaff:Paperwork

  2. If the desired Player's name is in the input box - go to the next step. Otherwise start entering the name of the Player. Click on the name when it appears. Click on "Set".
  3. Go to Paperwork-Upload
  4. Use the "Browse" button to find the pdf, jpg or tif file on your computer and double click on the file.
  5. Click Upload.


Upon upload, the paperwork will be in Status="Pending". After it has been reviewed by a Registrar, the Status will be "Reviewed".

If the Type shows pdf or jpg or tif and there is NO status, the submitted paperwork was deemed inadequate.

Updated 5/8/14