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Welcome to the Redwood Junior Soccer League . We are the league of registration for competitive youth soccer teams in San Mateo County. We are part of District 2-> of the Northern California Youth Soccer Association-> (CYSA-N).

Our teams compete in the CYSA Cal Soccer League.-> The CCSL is a statewide competitive youth soccer league.

The Redwood League helps teams build a year-round program for competitive youth soccer players. Our goal is development, not winning. For details about the Redwood League see the About Us-> page.

Our Siteterm is split into two main types of pages (Private and Public). You can identify yourself and access the Private pages by completing the Logon-> function.

As you navigate this website, should you lose your way, you can always return to this home page by clicking on the 'soccer ball in the sky' logo you'll find in the upper left corner of each page on the site.

For further information contact the Club/League in your community or the Redwood League President REFEREES Click on the Whistle-> to go to the Peninsula Soccer Referee Website

If you are a Manager, Coach or Parent and would like to register with the website, go to Logon:Register-> in the Table of Contents along the left edge of your screen to start the process.

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Friday September 12th, 2014

The following teams do not have a team profile or their profile is missing their Demosphere/GotSoccer number. NorCal State Cup / League matches and CCSL Coast matches cannot be loaded for these teams to this website.
Stanford World United B02 Red
Stanford World United 02B Black
Madera Roja BU09 Liverpool
Madera Roja Club Bears
Madera Roja Red Scoprions
MAdera Roja Atletic...

Wednesday August 20th, 2014

TeamStaff designated as "Score Reporter" will now be designated "TeamScheduler". Documentation and database changes are underway.

Monday August 18th, 2014

Matches have been loaded or available to upload for the following competitions:
CCSL Fall 2014 Coast and Bay
CalNorth Premier League
NorCal State Cup Matches for U09-U10
NorCal State Cup Matches for U11-U13
Nor Cal Premier Fall U14-U19 League Matches
Nor Cal Premier Fall U11-U13 League Matches
Nor Cal Premier Fall U08-U10 League Matches
Nor Cal Premier State Cup U14-U19 Preliminary
Nor ...

Sunday August 17th, 2014

CYSA ODP tryouts announced.Going

Wednesday August 6th, 2014

Managers and Schedulers ! TeamStaff-FieldUsage feature has been expanded to now include two consecutive days. You can now see avaialble and allocated TimeSlots for the entire weekend. Check it out.