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Tom Bates Sports Complex
Access to the grass fields is ONLY via the south parking lot off Frontage Road.
Field closure Number 510 981-5161 ext 2
Directions: From I-80 East, take Gilman St. Exit in Berkeley, turn left on Gilman St. Fields on are left. There is off street parking available next to the fields. South Turf is the synthetic turf field farthest from Gilman St along the frontage road.

Turf Fields = NO metal cleats. NO food. NO gum. NO alcohol or sugared drinks. NO smoking. $50 fine.

400 Gilman Street
Berkeley, CA 94710
Fields at this Location
  1. Gilman Turf North - 1 (SyntheticTurf), RedwoodSoccer 723, RidgeStar 513
    8v8 field on 1/2 of the pitch
  2. Gilman Grass Southwest (Grass), RedwoodSoccer 724, RidgeStar 514
  3. Gilman Grass East (Grass), RedwoodSoccer 725, RidgeStar 515, GotSoccer 55589
  4. Gilman Grass Baseball (Grass), RedwoodSoccer 726, RidgeStar 516, GotSoccer 55590
  5. Gilman Turf South (SyntheticTurf), RedwoodSoccer 719, RidgeStar 519, GotSoccer 55588
  6. Gilman Turf South -1 (SyntheticTurf), RedwoodSoccer 720, RidgeStar 520
    8v8 field on 1/2 of the pitch
  7. Gilman Turf South - 2 (SyntheticTurf), RedwoodSoccer 721, RidgeStar 521
    8v8 field on 1/2 of the pitch
  8. Gilman Turf North - 2 (SyntheticTurf), RedwoodSoccer 722, RidgeStar 522
    8v8 field on 1/2 of the pitch
  9. Gilman Turf North (SyntheticTurf), RedwoodSoccer 718, RidgeStar 884, GotSoccer 55586
  10. Gilman South 8v8 (Grass), RedwoodSoccer 791
    Gilman South is a modified size grass field at the south end of the complex, beside SF Bay.
  11. Gilman Grass West (Grass), RedwoodSoccer 870
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