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Belmont United Soccer Club Teams

RedwoodSoccer has the following Belmont United Soccer Club Teams registered as of Saturday, April 18th, 2015 at 12:28pm PDT:

KeyTeamGenderBornAfterClassPrimary ContactPhoneEmailAction
1ok2Belmont United Heat Black 06BB7/31/2006Competitive Manager1: Robert Black Schedule icalendar
2ok2Belmont United Heat White 06BB7/31/2006Competitive Manager1: Patty Coyer Schedule icalendar
3ok2Belmont United Heat Red 06BB7/31/2006Competitive Manager1: Mark Bogan Schedule icalendar
4ok2Belmont United Lightning White 05BB7/31/2005 Manager1: Raj Haldankar Schedule icalendar
5ok2Belmont United Lightning Red 05BB7/31/2005 Manager1: Angelka Tolu Schedule icalendar
6ok2Belmont United Lightning Black 05BB7/31/2005 Manager1: Carsten Fichte Schedule icalendar
7ok2Belmont United Inferno White 04BB7/31/2004 Manager1: Melissa SaberiCellular: (650) 224-2263 Schedule icalendar
8ok2Belmont United Inferno Black 04BB7/31/2004 Manager1: Suibin Zhang Schedule icalendar
9ok2Belmont United Inferno Red 04BB7/31/2004Competitive Manager1: Steve Haines Schedule icalendar
10ok2Belmont United Flash 03BB7/31/2003 Manager1: Amy Higgins Schedule icalendar
11ok2Belmont United Explosion BlackB7/31/2003 Manager1: Lisa Faberowski Schedule icalendar
12ok2Belmont United Explosion 03BB7/31/2003Competitive Manager1: Bill Kan Schedule icalendar
13ok2Belmont United Firestorm Red 02BB7/31/2002 Manager1: Sherri Newmyer Schedule icalendar
14Belmont United Thunder 01BB7/31/2001Competitive Manager1: Bob FlanaganCellular: (510) 304-0755Email Schedule icalendar
15ok2Belmont United Bolts 01BB7/31/2001Competitive Manager1: Tana Billingsley Schedule icalendar
16ok2Belmont United BlitzB7/31/2000Competitive Manager1: Greg Snow Schedule icalendar
17ok2Belmont United FuryB7/31/1999Competitive Manager1: Suzanne Zaino Schedule icalendar
18ok2Belmont United Dynamite White 06GG7/31/2006 Manager1: Alexis Garcia Schedule icalendar
19ok2Belmont United Dynamite Red 06GG7/31/2006Competitive Manager1: Robyn Loverro Schedule icalendar
20ok2Belmont United Blast White 05GG7/31/2005 Manager1: Mark Dronskiy Schedule icalendar
21Belmont United Blast Red 05GG7/31/2005Competitive Manager1: Alexis Garcia Schedule icalendar
22ok2Belmont United Wildfire Red 04GG7/31/2004 Manager1: Robin Zimmermann Schedule icalendar
23ok2Belmont United Wildfire White 04GG7/31/2004Competitive Manager1: Eric Chen Schedule icalendar
24ok2Belmont United Blaze 02GG7/31/2002Competitive Manager1: Joel Gever Schedule icalendar
25ok2Belmont United Ice 01GG7/31/2001Competitive Manager1: Saverio D FermeEmail Schedule icalendar
26Belmont United Fusion White 99GG7/31/1999Competitive Manager1: Sherri Newmyer Schedule icalendar
27Belmont United Fusion Blue 99GG7/31/1999Competitive Manager1: Sherri Newmyer Schedule icalendar