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Ravenswood Youth Soccer Club Teams

RedwoodSoccer has the following Ravenswood Youth Soccer Club Teams registered as of Thursday, June 30th, 2016 at 5:08am PDT:

KeyTeamGenderBornAfterClassPrimary ContactPhoneEmailAction
1ok2RYSC 06 Chelsea B7/31/2006Competitive Coach1: Victor Romero Schedule icalendar
2ok2RYSC 05 Real MadridB7/31/2005Competitive Schedule icalendar
3ok2RYSC 05 PumasB7/31/2005Competitive Manager1: Horacio Barrera Schedule icalendar
4ok2RYSC 05 EarthquakesB7/31/2005Competitive Schedule icalendar
5ok2RYSC 03 MonarcasB7/31/2003 Schedule icalendar
6ok2RYSC 03 AtleticoB7/31/2003Competitive Manager1: Liliana Hense Schedule icalendar
7ok2RYSC 02 AtlasB7/31/2002Competitive Schedule icalendar
8ok2RYSC 01 La RazaB7/31/2001Competitive Coach1: Hugo Valladares Schedule icalendar
9ok2RYSC 00 InterB7/31/2000Competitive Schedule icalendar
10ok2RYSC 00 UnitedB7/31/2000Competitive Coach1: Sammy KhatriHome: (650) 592-8721Email Schedule icalendar
11ok2RYSC 00 BarcelonaB7/31/2000Competitive Manager1: Maria LegorretaEmail Schedule icalendar
12ok2RYSC 00 Manchester UnitedB7/31/2000Competitive Coach1: Fernando Barragan Schedule icalendar
13ok2RYSC 97 JaguarsB7/31/1997Competitive Manager1: Sonia Melgar Schedule icalendar
14ok2RYSC 98 SantosB7/31/1997Competitive Manager1: Sonia Melgar Schedule icalendar
15ok2RYSC 05 SapphiresG7/31/2005Competitive Manager1: Maria M Henriquez Schedule icalendar
16ok2RYSC Breeze 04 Tormenta G7/31/2004 Schedule icalendar
17ok2RYSC 00 FuegoG7/31/2000 Manager1: Francisco Barajas Sr. Schedule icalendar
18ok2RYSC 99 California StrikersG7/31/1999 Manager1: Francisco Barajas Sr. Schedule icalendar