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Palo Alto Soccer Club Teams

RedwoodSoccer has the following Palo Alto Soccer Club Teams registered as of Wednesday, April 16th, 2014 at 2:52pm PDT:

KeyTeamGenderBornAfterClassPrimary ContactPhoneEmailAction
1ok2Palo Alto 07B BlueB7/31/2006Competitive Manager1: Janalee Hernandez Schedule icalendar
2ok2Palo Alto 06B WhiteB7/31/2005 Manager1: Nagadhatri Chennavajula Schedule icalendar
3ok2Palo Alto 06B BlueB7/31/2005 Manager1: Katherine M Ho Schedule icalendar
4ok2Palo Alto 05B RedB7/31/2004Competitive Manager1: Jill Sagner Schedule icalendar
5ok2Palo Alto 05B WhiteB7/31/2004Competitive Manager1: Neal Aronson Schedule icalendar
6ok2Palo Alto 05B GreenB7/31/2004Competitive Manager1: Laura Landolfi Schedule icalendar
7ok2Palo Alto 05B BlueB7/31/2004Premier Manager1: Karen Cannon Schedule icalendar
8ok2Palo Alto 04B RedB7/31/2003Competitive Manager1: John BardHome: (650) 566-8977Email Schedule icalendar
9ok2Palo Alto 04B WhiteB7/31/2003Competitive Manager1: Annelise Mora Schedule icalendar
10ok2Palo Alto 04B BlueB7/31/2003Premier Manager1: Leena Gill Schedule icalendar
11ok2Palo Alto 03B WhiteB7/31/2002 Manager1: Denise Daniels Schedule icalendar
12ok2Palo Alto 03B Blue B7/31/2002Competitive Manager1: Solly Malchin Schedule icalendar
13Palo Alto 03B RedB7/31/2002Competitive Manager1: Katie Angioletti Schedule icalendar
14ok2Palo Alto 02B RedB7/31/2001 Manager1: Peter PhillipsCellular: (650) 520-6524 Schedule icalendar
15ok2Palo Alto 02B WhiteB7/31/2001Competitive Manager1: Margarita MendezCellular: (650) 465-8477Email Schedule icalendar
16ok2Palo Alto 02B BlueB7/31/2001Premier Manager1: Ed CamarenaEmail Schedule icalendar
17ok2Palo Alto 01B White B7/31/2000Competitive Manager1: Teri Vershel Schedule icalendar
18ok2Palo Alto 01B BlueB7/31/2000Premier Manager1: Sean McGrawCellular: (650) 793-0380 Schedule icalendar
19ok2Palo Alto 00B BlueB7/31/1999Premier Manager1: Judy H Huang Schedule icalendar
20ok2Palo Alto 00B WhiteB7/31/1999Premier Manager1: Carol MullinHome: (650) 324-3340Email Schedule icalendar
21ok2Palo Alto 99B WhiteB7/31/1998Premier Manager1: Birol Becan Schedule icalendar
22ok2Palo Alto 99B BlueB7/31/1998Premier Manager1: Luis LindoCellular: (650) 440-2192 Schedule icalendar
23ok2Palo Alto 98B White LightningB7/31/1997Competitive Manager1: Sean McGrawCellular: (650) 793-0380 Schedule icalendar
24ok2Palo Alto 98B BlueB7/31/1997Premier Manager1: Carsten Ribbe Schedule icalendar
25Palo Alto 97B White DynamoB7/31/1996Competitive Coach1: Nick Kirchhof Schedule icalendar
26ok2Palo Alto 97B BlueB7/31/1996Premier Manager1: Carol MullinHome: (650) 324-3340Email Schedule icalendar
27ok2Palo Alto 96B WhiteB7/31/1995Premier Manager1: Susann MirabellaHome: (650) 325-7853Email Schedule icalendar
28ok2Palo Alto 06G BlueG7/31/2005 Manager1: Heidi Vale Schedule icalendar
29ok2Palo Alto 06G WhiteG7/31/2005 Manager1: Michael NaneviczCellular: (650) 387-5909Email Schedule icalendar
30ok2Palo Alto 05G WhiteG7/31/2004Competitive Manager1: Jeanie Waltuch Schedule icalendar
31ok2Palo Alto 05G BlueG7/31/2004Premier Manager1: Emily North Schedule icalendar
32ok2Palo Alto 04G WhiteG7/31/2003 Manager1: Celia K Cho Schedule icalendar
33ok2Palo Alto 04G BlueG7/31/2003 Manager2: Tara Feldmeier Schedule icalendar
34ok2Palo Alto 04G RedG7/31/2003Competitive Manager1: Laura Landolfi Schedule icalendar
35ok2Palo Alto 03G WhiteG7/31/2002 Manager1: Steven Lin Schedule icalendar
36ok2Palo Alto 03G BlueG7/31/2002Premier Manager1: Steve MarsheckCellular: (650) 799-3915Email Schedule icalendar
37ok2Palo Alto 02G BlueG7/31/2001Premier Manager1: John Hanay Schedule icalendar
38ok2Palo Alto 01G WhiteG7/31/2000Competitive Manager1: Ron CalhounCellular: (408) 203-0293Email Schedule icalendar
39ok2Palo Alto 01G BlueG7/31/2000Premier Coach1: Luis Juarez Schedule icalendar
40ok2Palo Alto 00G RedG7/31/1999Competitive Manager1: Katherine StonerCellular: (650) 380-7169Email Schedule icalendar
41ok2Palo Alto 00G White G7/31/1999Competitive Manager1: Norman Happ Schedule icalendar
42ok2Palo Alto 00G BlueG7/31/1999Premier Manager1: Fred WangEmail Schedule icalendar
43ok2Palo Alto 99G Blue ImpactG7/31/1998Competitive Coach1: Jacqueline E. Castro Schedule icalendar
44ok2Palo Alto 99G White ForceG7/31/1998Competitive Manager1: Leon Leong Schedule icalendar
45ok2Palo Alto 99G Green PowerG7/31/1998Premier Manager1: Jeff Child Schedule icalendar
46ok2Palo Alto 98G BlueG7/31/1997Competitive Manager1: Leslie Matlof Schedule icalendar
47ok2Palo Alto 96G BlueG7/31/1995Premier Manager1: Julietta EfigenioEmail Schedule icalendar
48PASC Tryout/TournamentMixed7/31/1993 Schedule icalendar