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Burlingame Soccer Club Teams

RedwoodSoccer has the following Burlingame Soccer Club Teams registered as of Sunday, May 24th, 2015 at 6:13pm PDT:

KeyTeamGenderBornAfterClassPrimary ContactPhoneEmailAction
1Burlingame Star 07B BlackB7/31/2007 Manager1: Chandra Lund Schedule icalendar
2Burlingame Star 07B BlueB7/31/2007 Manager1: Tammy Albarran Schedule icalendar
3Burlingame Star 06B BlackB7/31/2006 Coach1: Joao Felipe Schedule icalendar
4Burlingame Star 06B BlueB7/31/2006 Coach1: Jerome Simon Schedule icalendar
5Burlingame Star 05B BlackB7/31/2005 Manager1: Jennifer Amdursky Schedule icalendar
6Burlingame Star 05B RedB7/31/2005 Manager1: Douglas Luftman Schedule icalendar
7Burlingame Star 05B BlueB7/31/2005 Manager1: Doug P LaneCellular: (415) 990-3822 Schedule icalendar
8Burlingame Star 04B RedB7/31/2004 Registrar: Laura Agarwal Schedule icalendar
9Burlingame Star 04B BlackB7/31/2004 Coach1: Gonzalo Guinazu Schedule icalendar
10Burlingame Star 04B BlueB7/31/2004Competitive Manager1: Sonu Nayar Schedule icalendar
11Burlingame 03B BlizzardB7/31/2003 Manager1: Christine FitzpatrickCellular: (650) 380-0145 Schedule icalendar
12Burlingame 03B NitroB7/31/2003Competitive Schedule icalendar
13Burlingame 02B MaraudersB7/31/2002 Manager1: Mark Birdthistle Schedule icalendar
14Burlingame 02B BulletsB7/31/2002Competitive Manager1: Jim Baba Schedule icalendar
15Burlingame 01B SharksB7/31/2001Competitive Manager1: Denise Fawcett Schedule icalendar
16Burlingame 05G Gold ThunderG7/31/2009Competitive Manager1: Rachel Reed Schedule icalendar
17Burlingame Star 07G BlackG7/31/2007 Manager1: Lori Mausehund Schedule icalendar
18Burlingame Star 04G BlackG7/31/2004 Manager1: Theresa Geraghty Schedule icalendar
19Burlingame Star 04G BlueG7/31/2004Competitive Manager1: Jessica Kogan Schedule icalendar
20Burlingame 03G PowerG7/31/2003 Coach1: Ann-Sofi Garman Schedule icalendar
21Burlingame Star 03G SparkG7/31/2003 Coach1: Waldemar Roldan Schedule icalendar
22Burlingame 02G StormG7/31/2002 Manager1: Kimberly AzzolliniCellular: (415) 505-4561 Schedule icalendar
23Burlingame 01G HawksG7/31/2001Competitive Manager1: Jene Young Schedule icalendar
24Burlingame Star BSC 98G Premier (BSC Flash)G7/31/1998 Coach1: Tim NixonEmail Schedule icalendar
25Burlingame Star 97G AcademyG7/31/1997Competitive Manager1: America Brown Schedule icalendar