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Alpine Strikers Teams

RedwoodSoccer has the following Alpine Strikers Teams registered as of Saturday, February 28th, 2015 at 3:01pm PST:

KeyTeamGenderBornAfterClassPrimary ContactPhoneEmailAction
1ok2Alpine Strikers 06B CardinalB7/31/2006Competitive Manager1: Bob Ridenour Schedule icalendar
2Alpine Strikers 06B RedB7/31/2006Competitive Schedule icalendar
3ok2Alpine Strikers 06B BlueB7/31/2006Competitive Manager1: Kelley ClugageEmail Schedule icalendar
4Alpine Strikers 06B WhiteB7/31/2006Competitive Schedule icalendar
5Alpine Strikers 06B RoyalB7/31/2006Competitive Schedule icalendar
6ok2Alpine Strikers 06B BlackB7/31/2006Competitive Schedule icalendar
7ok2Alpine Strikers 05B CardinalB7/31/2005 Schedule icalendar
8Alpine Strikers 05B WhiteB7/31/2005Competitive Manager1: Ann Stevens Schedule icalendar
9ok2Alpine Strikers 05B BlueB7/31/2005Competitive Manager1: Maria Matsumoto Schedule icalendar
10Alpine Strikers 05B RedB7/31/2005Competitive Manager1: Sook Jung Schedule icalendar
11Alpine Strikers 05B BlackB7/31/2005Competitive Manager1: Sean Gavin Schedule icalendar
12ok2Alpine Strikers 04B RoyalB7/31/2004Competitive Manager1: Nancy Rosenthal Schedule icalendar
13ok2Alpine Strikers 04B CardinalB7/31/2004Competitive Manager1: Usha Nesamoney Schedule icalendar
14ok2Alpine Strikers 04B BlackB7/31/2004Competitive Manager1: Ward J Flock Schedule icalendar
15Alpine Strikers 04B WhiteB7/31/2004Competitive Manager1: John JJ KenneyCellular: (650) 521-7763Email Schedule icalendar
16ok2Alpine Strikers 04B BlueB7/31/2004Competitive Manager1: Dawn MachicaoCellular: (650) 387-9549 Schedule icalendar
17Alpine Strikers 04B RedB7/31/2004Competitive Manager1: Lisa Dunlevie Schedule icalendar
18Alpine Strikers 04B War HawksB7/31/2004Competitive Manager1: Lisa Dunlevie Schedule icalendar
19Alpine Strikers 03B CardinalB7/31/2003Competitive Manager1: Lisa Faberowski Schedule icalendar
20Alpine Strikers 03B BlueB7/31/2003Competitive Manager2: John Redmond Schedule icalendar
21Alpine Strikers 03B RedB7/31/2003Competitive Manager1: Steve Buddie Schedule icalendar
22Alpine Strikers 03B WhiteB7/31/2003Competitive Coach1: Jose Caballero Schedule icalendar
23ok2Alpine Strikers 02B BlueB7/31/2002Competitive Manager1: Steve Menashe Schedule icalendar
24Alpine Strikers 02B WhiteB7/31/2002Competitive Manager1: Greg Mills Schedule icalendar
25Alpine Strikers 02B RedB7/31/2002Competitive Manager2: Gary Wiseman Schedule icalendar
26Alpine Strikers 01B WhiteB7/31/2001Competitive Manager1: Ronen Vengosh Schedule icalendar
27Alpine Strikers 01B RedB7/31/2001Competitive Manager1: David Bradley Schedule icalendar
28Alpine Strikers 00B WhiteB7/31/2000Competitive Coach1: Jonathan Lester Schedule icalendar
29Alpine Strikers 99B WhiteB7/31/1999Competitive Manager1: Michael Reeds Schedule icalendar
30Alpine Strikers 99B RedB7/31/1999Competitive Manager1: Jackie Macdonald Schedule icalendar
31Alpine Strikers 98B RedB7/31/1998Competitive Manager1: Amy Weiss Schedule icalendar
32Alpine Strikers 98B BlueB7/31/1998Competitive Manager1: Laurie Quinn Schedule icalendar
33Alpine Strikers Elite 97B RedB7/31/1997Premier Manager1: Jim BujtorCellular: (650) 868-4470Email Schedule icalendar
34Alpine Strikers 06G WhiteG7/31/2006Competitive Manager1: John CoyleCellular: (650) 269-1580Email Schedule icalendar
35Alpine Strikers 06G RedG7/31/2006Competitive Manager1: John CoyleCellular: (650) 269-1580Email Schedule icalendar
36Alpine Strikers 06G BlueG7/31/2006Competitive Manager1: John CoyleCellular: (650) 269-1580Email Schedule icalendar
37Alpine Strikers 06G CardinalG7/31/2006Competitive Manager1: John CoyleCellular: (650) 269-1580Email Schedule icalendar
38Alpine Strikers 06G BlackG7/31/2006Competitive Manager1: John CoyleCellular: (650) 269-1580Email Schedule icalendar
39ok2Alpine Strikers 05G WhiteG7/31/2005Competitive Manager1: Lori Kopansky Schedule icalendar
40Alpine Strikers 05G RedG7/31/2005Competitive Manager1: Avery Olesen Schedule icalendar
41Alpine Strikers 05G BlueG7/31/2005Competitive Manager1: Bob Ridenour Schedule icalendar
42ok2Alpine Strikers 05G CardinalG7/31/2005Competitive Manager1: Melissa Coleman Schedule icalendar
43Alpine Strikers 05G BlackG7/31/2005Competitive Manager1: Michelle Bellomo Schedule icalendar
44Alpine Strikers 04G BlueG7/31/2004 Manager1: Andra Dehne Schedule icalendar
45ok2Alpine Strikers 04G CardinalG7/31/2004 Manager1: James Pelham Burn Schedule icalendar
46Alpine Strikers 04G RoyalG7/31/2004 Manager1: Andra Dehne Schedule icalendar
47Alpine Strikers 04G BlackG7/31/2004Competitive Manager1: Jana Spieker Schedule icalendar
48Alpine Strikers 04G WhiteG7/31/2004Competitive Manager1: Melissa Karlsten Schedule icalendar
49Alpine Strikers 04G RedG7/31/2004Competitive Manager1: Steve FosterHome: (650) 321-3732Email Schedule icalendar
50Test Team United ZombiesG7/31/2004Premier Manager1: John ShieldHome: (650) 573-9627Email Schedule icalendar
51Alpine Strikers 03G BlueG7/31/2003 Manager1: Angela Weiden Schedule icalendar
52Alpine Strikers 03G CardinalG7/31/2003 Coach1: Jason Luce Schedule icalendar
53ok2Alpine Strikers 03G RedG7/31/2003Competitive Manager1: Karim Younes Schedule icalendar
54ok2Alpine Strikers 03G WhiteG7/31/2003Competitive Manager1: Lori Kopansky Schedule icalendar
55Alpine Strikers 03G BlackG7/31/2003Competitive Schedule icalendar
56Alpine Strikers 02G CardinalG7/31/2002Competitive Manager1: Ashley Montulli Schedule icalendar
57Alpine Strikers 02G RedG7/31/2002Competitive Manager1: Michelle M Ahlstrom Schedule icalendar
58Alpine Strikers 02G WhiteG7/31/2002Competitive Manager1: Michelle Bellomo Schedule icalendar
59ok2Alpine Strikers 02G BlueG7/31/2002Competitive Manager1: Scott HinshawCellular: (650) 242-6578Email Schedule icalendar
60Alpine Strikers 01G RedG7/31/2001Competitive Manager1: John Bellack Schedule icalendar
61ok2Alpine Strikers 01G WhiteG7/31/2001Competitive Manager1: Miles Keep Schedule icalendar
62Alpine Strikers 00G RedG7/31/2000 Manager1: John Wagner Schedule icalendar
63ok2Alpine Strikers 00G WhiteG7/31/2000Competitive Manager1: Laura Paul Schedule icalendar
64Alpine Strikers 99G RedG7/31/1999Competitive Manager1: Bob BarnesCellular: (650) 906-5907 Schedule icalendar
65Alpine Strikers 96G RedG7/31/1996Competitive Manager1: Chris ShawCellular: (650) 483-8299 Schedule icalendar
66Alpine Strikers 96G WhiteG7/31/1996Premier Manager1: Sarah Wright Schedule icalendar